Anonymous for a reason.


Many of you might have seen the video travelling around Facebook about a group called Anonymous –  a video of a masked person using a digitally altered voice to talk to the masses. They protest against the Conservative Government about the policies they are enforcing in the U.K.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Things in Britain are not good. Emergency services are going to be cut, the education system is going down the toilet, the NHS is in shambles, and people are starving on the streets. But here is my problem…

Any organised group (as they claim to be) who hides behind a mask is not thinking of the people. They aren’t hurting the Conservative Government.

Who are they hurting?

The police officers who had bottles, cans and smoke bombs thrown at them! Normal people who have spouses, parents and children – all of them sat at home worried about their loved one’s safety. Four police officers and a police staff member were injured during the riot. Image being at home watching the news. Now imagine watching your child, sibling or parent being attacked by an angry mob, falling to the ground as they are swarmed by the masses. Imagine the fear that would grip your heart causing nausea to rise to your throat. You wouldn’t know if your loved one will get up, or whether you are going to get that dreaded knock on the door saying that they are dead. Is it worth it? None of David Cameron’s family or friends were protecting the city, only normal people doing the job they are paid for. Many of them wouldn’t have voted Conservatives, yet they are paying the price.


The riot also harmed the people who spent their time lovingly creating the memorials, only to watch them be defaced. People who still honour the men and women who gave their lives for us. How can a group who say they represent the people target so many of the people?


Someone recently said to me, ‘It’s not elections we need it’s a f***ing revolution…..and yes there will be blood, it’s inescapable. Mao tse tung said, “change must come through the barrel of a gun”……’

I’m sorry, but this is insane. This doesn’t hurt the Government. It hurts the people. We have freedom of speech in this country. Anyone can go on YouTube or other social media sites and express themselves openly without a mask. They can call David Cameron and his party members every prat under the sun and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. We also have the ability to elect who we want in power. The fact is, the Conservatives was elected by the majority. Every person in the country had the chance to vote, yet only 66.1% turned up. I wonder how many of this percentage spoiled their ballot paper, demonstrating that they don’t want anyone in power? Their vote could have helped Labour in, forcing the Conservatives out. I also wonder how many of the non-voters and protest voters were on the street rioting when they could have made a real difference by voting? If you didn’t vote, you have no right to protest!

And now we have to worry about what comes next. Anonymous have declared war on the Government. Does this mean that they plan to up their game? Maybe start throwing bombs instead of smoke grenades? Cowards and criminals are the only people who cover their face. An organised group with power hiding behind a mask can only mean one thing – Anonymous are terrorists and are going to hurt many more innocent people in the future, all in the name of revolution.

I always thought we were a civilised country, but in recent years I am left to question this assessment. Riots! Attacks! Looting! What has happened to our country that some of us believe behaviour like this is acceptable?


One thought on “Anonymous for a reason.

  1. Brent

    You can read up on the problems with Anonymous at any time by simply studying “The Third Wave” ( )

    Note clearly how groups like anonymous work… we’ve done much to make it impossible to talk about the psychology of the Nazi movement without making it a “losing argument” by default; but a reflection on what actually happened, psychologically, is much needed.

    We paint, and continue to paint, Nazis as inherently evil; despite knowing this to be historically inaccurate. As shown by Ron Jones, the movement starts out simple and under simple ideals like making life better for the German people… or even the common man.

    As more people join the movement, the FEELING of self-importance goes up while the ACTUALITY of self-importance goes drastically down. We well know the effects of large groups have on individual’s ability to actually think for themselves (Ashe Conformity), it makes it go away. Individuals become collectives, individual thought becomes regulated by group mentality… and then the group becomes self regulating to prevent people inside the group from speaking against the group’s actions.

    What is more telling is when the group becomes entwined with beliefs that do not actually match their initial purpose for forming. It is most unfortunate that these groups will then use equivocation to often twist their initial purpose to match their new purpose, constantly changing the meaning and intent of their past words to meet their present goals, but let’s make a small example here to explain.

    Anonymous claims to be in support of “Protecting the People” but they’re also in charge of defining exactly what the people need to be protected from. They get to define the rights they feel are being taken away, even if they’re not rights to begin with. They get to define exactly what is wrong with the world, and then retaliate on others who speak up against them.

    And what is most telling, and what you might not even yet recognize…. is that most political parties act identically to anonymous, especially here in the ‘States.

    The zeitgeist is not “freedom above all else” it’s much more sinister… it’s “conformity above all else.” The internet is increasing the effects of group think, not promoting individual thought. The term “troll” is often used against people who would otherwise challenge group think; that someone who is wanting to engage in debate, even a debate where they do not intend on changing their views, is viewed so negatively is quite telling on how insulated we’re becoming.

    It is quite telling that you’re living in a Nazi Regime when most people are unable to find merit in their opponent’s belief system. It’s more telling when those people start segregating from said individuals, and even begin protesting with signs saying “Get the [Opponent’s Group Name] OUT.”

    I wish to end by pointing out that consequentialism goes both ways. People may be starving on the streets due to governmental in-action, but individual in-action is likewise contributing to the issue. If the government isn’t going to do anything to help the situation, why aren’t the people stepping up to help the situation? Is “helping the situation” rioting and looting, or donating your time to causes you find worthy? In one instance, you’re being a mindless drone, in the other instance you’re being a human… unfortunately we’re fresh out of humans and only have mindless drones.


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